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  Stanley Podgorski
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Theresa & Suzie
Young Paul On Division St.
Stanley at Chicago Event

The Ashland Sausage Company® is a family owned business in its second generation, devoted to delivering delicious, high quality meat products; we manufacture all our products using traditional ingredients and methods. Our Midwest heartland location ensures the best sources of fresh beef and pork, and we strive to produce sausages in the Old World tradition – the same way they have been made for generations, using many age-old European techniques. This handcrafted approach to sausage making reflects both our commitment to quality and our respect for the past. We guarantee great flavor in every bite with our time-tested family recipes, natural spices, hardwood smoke and our team of dedicated employees. For those wondering about the accordion featured on our website... beginning with Theresa, the Podgorski family are huge music fans. Those who know Theresa know SHE knows her way around the instrument (that's her hand & accordion in the picture);The opening Flash animation on this site features her and grandaughter Suzie performing a traditional Polish song.


Our focus is consumer satisfaction with all aspects of our brand; our goal is to convey excellence, quality and tradition to our customers. Our family prides itself on doing things the old fashioned way, incorporating old-world European craftsmanship and time-honed processes. When you choose our products, you will be serving your family the finest sausages available today. Smacznego! (enjoy)

Steam Shower Load-In


Stanley & Theresa

In 1960, Stanley Podgorski visited America from Poland with his father and saw that hard work, determination ─ and sometimes a little luck ─ could take you somewhere in life. His dream: Return one day and become an American success story. In 1971, his dream started to become reality when he moved to the U.S. with his wife Theresa; they soon opened a small grocery store on Chicago’s south side.
As their business grew, they relocated to a larger shop on Chicago’s north side, where they continued to create delicious specialty meats in their back smokehouse.

In 1986, they purchased a large manufacturing facility on Chicago’s Division Street; by 2008, they had outgrown that facility as well, and moved to their current 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Carol Stream, IL.


Dorothy & Sofi
Dorothy & Sofi (Podgorski) Seaburg
Dorothy Podgorski (second daughter of Stanley & Theresa) has always had an interest in her parents’ business. Throughout college, she worked for Ashland Sausage on breaks and holidays, learning every aspect of the business. After completing her B.A. in business management, she joined Ashland Sausage full time in 2001.

Paul Podgorski
Additionally, their oldest daughter Beata (“Betty”), and youngest son Paul - who also has a B.A. in business management - have joined the company, truly making the brand a family business in every sense of the word.

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